I am currently on glucosamine. Can I consume this at the same time?

Yes. Ingredients are different and they act differently. It is safe to consume both together.

When & how should I consume it?

It is advisable to consume Max-Joint Plus in the morning with a glass of water after meal. Recommended 2 capsules per day. You may take up to 4 capsules per day.

Is this only for knee joint?

Max-Joint Plus is an all-rounder. It is suitable for individuals with knee, back, hip or neck problem associated with pain and inflammation.

Is this suitable for vegetarian?

BioCell Collagen® is made up of Hydrolyzed Type II Collagen, which is extracted from chicken cartilage. Hence, Max-Joint Plus is not suitable for strict vegetarian.

I am currently on medication. Can I consume this?

There is no adverse effect reported up to date. However you are advised to consult your healthcare provider prior taking this supplement.

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